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We Provide Private On-Leash Dog Walks Services

Private on-leash walks are great for new puppies, elderly dogs, and dogs that prefer “their own space”. We’ll come to your home, leash up your dog, and take them for up to a half hour walk in the area of your choice within your neighborhood.

We tailor the length and pace of the walk to your pet’s specific needs and ability to ensure they get a sufficient amount of exercise during each visit. Also included is pet waste cleanup, paw cleaning if necessary, and food and fresh water by request. Your dog is guaranteed to receive lots of love, attention and exercise!

60% of pets in America are classified as overweight and studies show that the incidence of animal obesity is escalating. Similar to us humans, weight-challenged animals run a higher risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and joint and hip difficulties, among other problems that lead to expensive visits to the vet and potentially limit pet’s lifespan.

One of the best ways to help animals reduce and keep off their excess weight is to ensure they receive daily exercise. To answer this need, we’ve launched our pet fitness service designed to get your pets up and moving and give them their daily dose of physical activity.

Each session is customized to your dog and circumstances and includes a relief walk, exercise, and a cool-down period. Exercise is running and a long walk or active playtime.

Rates starting as low as $16.00 per visit!